Atlantic.Net Back-Office Upgrade Significantly Enhances Performance and Overall Customer Service based in Orlando, FL made announcements about major changes that will considerably enhance performance, make certain of more accurate billing, and will aid the company provide better overall customer support.

The HIPAA-compliant hosting provider now offers the Ubersmith business management software suite to its clients. This innovative back-office software package makes it possible to use over 50 various programs on subscription, customer support, billing, and device management to be merged into just one system. Business procedures that took 7-14 days in the past can now be done in one day.

Simplifying internal processes will make sure customer support concerns can be handled a lot more quickly. The new system made it possible for to cut the time in half to resolve support issues and to improve the billing for customers’ overall usage by 55%. Employees now simply need training on one system, instead of many different systems. That would save many hours and streamline products and resources. The removal of repetitive systems and enhancement in operational proficiency will give a net positive effect on the growth of revenue.

The Ubersmith system’s quick to customize integrated software program can manage subscription payment, infrastructure management, order management, and ticketing. The modular software program is very flexible and may be extended and built-in with software utilized by other areas of the business by using the Ubersmith-supplied API and software development kit.

Atlantic uses Ubersmith APIs to merge with other systems used to manage payments, accounting, security certificates domain registration, and more. Ubersmith is presently adding Salesforce so that could connect its sales, prospecting activities, and customer quotes in one system.

The full integration of the Ubersmith software program will allow to attain high levels of operational performance, worker productivity, and provide a better quality of customer support.

Atlantic.Net has completed an outstanding job at using the functionalities provided in Ubersmith’s business management, operations and infrastructure software program. Ubersmith is happy to be a part of the Atlantic business’ growth and expansion in the field of cloud services and hosting.