Centers to Secure Critical Infrastructure and Public Health Launched by MITRE

MITRE announced two new companies that were assigned to deal with crucial healthcare challenges and enhance cybersecurity to better safeguard critical infrastructure.

MITRE is a nonprofit company that deals with federally financed research and development centers to assist government institutions in defense, healthcare, homeland security, cybersecurity, and other industries. MITRE Labs was founded in 2020 in association with the reorganization of MITRE, with the new unit tasked with driving innovations in applied science and advanced technology to improve the potential of American scientific and economic leadership.

Two new companies were established now within MITRE Labs – The Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center and the Clinical Insights Innovation Cell.

The Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center was created to link the gap in technology between the public and private sector and make sure the industrial control systems, operational technology, and cyber-physical systems of critical infrastructure institutions are secured.

Cybercriminal gangs and nation-state actors are performing attacks on critical infrastructure, as shown by the recent cyberattacks on the meat processor JBS, Colonial Pipeline, and a Florida water treatment plant. These cyberattacks can have a debilitating effect on economic security, national security, and the health and safety of all people in America.

Critical infrastructure is generally managed and maintained by private firms. The new Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center is supposed to work across industry and government to have more knowledge about the cyber threats confronted by the critical infrastructure industry and to know practical measures that can be done by operators of critical infrastructure to enhance security against cyber threats.

The Clinical Insights Innovation Cell was started to gather frontrunners from the private and public sector to help deal with critical healthcare problems and aims to provide clinical and data science leadership, information, and innovative artificial intelligence approaches.

The Clinical Insights Innovation Cell team is composed of data scientists, doctors, informaticists, and specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital health, and clinical research trials, and has the objective of creating a new system of performing clinical trials so that health systems are more dependable and resilient.

MITRE Labs has made a substantial improvement to broaden MITRE’s effect, inspire revolutionary disruption, speed up risk-taking and discovery, and provide technical functionality, mentioned MITRE Labs’ Charles Clancy. These new groups will allow us to move faster, be bolder, and take action as better associates for protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure and using clinical and genomic data to deal with the challenges of infectious disease and the promise of precision medicine.