Eyeward Inc. Receives the HIPAA Seal of Compliance Award

Compliancy Group made an announcement that Eyeward inc. has put in place an efficient HIPAA compliance program, thus achieving HIPAA compliance.

EyeWard is a peer-to-peer consulting platform made for iOS that healthcare professionals can freely use to get in touch with colleagues and safely talk and share medical photos. The app is supposed to help doctors share medical knowledge and confer with other healthcare professionals. Using the application enables doctors to have better workflow and give proper health care to patients.

Eyeward CEO, Stephen Atallah, stated that Eyeward is committed to helping doctors give the highest quality of care to patients. Knowing that this quality of care may need the usage of sensitive health care data, Eyeward wanted to make sure to implement the proper measures to effectively protect PHI.

To make certain that Eyeward complies with all the conditions of the HIPAA, the company partnered with the Compliancy Group. The Compliancy Group’s HIPAA compliance monitoring program called The Guard, together with its compliance coaches, were a big help in ensuring that Eyeward’s platofr, policies and procedures fully complied with the requirements of HIPAA.

Eyeward additionally finished Compliancy Group’s 6-stage HIPAA Risk Analysis and remediation process. Because of the company’s diligent and honest effort toward HIPAA compliance, Eyeward received the Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance award.

The Seal of Compliance proves to HIPAA-covered entities and business associates that the platform of Eyeward has indeed complied with all the requirements of the HIPAA rules and has implemented an efficient HIPAA compliance program. Therefore, entities can used the platform securely for patient data communication.

Doctors that use the Eyeward platform know that they can rely on the company to protect all healthcare information. Eyeward certainly wants all platform users to know that it is doing its best to keep them and their patients safe.