iland Secure Cloud Console Revision Enhances Visibility of Worldwide BaaS Environments

iland has reported that it has updated and improved its Secure Cloud Console using Veeam Cloud Connect to give more visibility and handle backups from multiple locations for big businesses and managed service providers (MSPs).

The revision gives big businesses and MSPs just one pane of glass view and enables universal cloud backups. Clients receive more granularity that enables them to take advantage of real-time information over several accounts and provides them more control over several tenants without additional work or permissions.

iland also simplified storage management with increased chances for self-service, enabling clients to reallocated assets and get more new tenants. The upgrade makes it possible for international MSPs and businesses to give backup-as-a-service in house and, by means of one interface, take care of several repositories and places.

The iland BAAS Insider Protection function is an air-gapped storage for information that gives security against internal and external hazards, which include ransomware attacks. Clients can already see the status of multiple-tenant environments by means of just one view and change Veeam Cloud Connect tenant names and passwords without difficulty from any place. The whole portfolio of Veeam cloud-based backup solutions is now being controlled from just one, specific console.

With these most recent updates, iland is making it simple for channel and IT business clients to provide backup services around the globe with a basic, quick-to-use typical interface,” stated iland senior vice president of business development. Dante Orsini.

The most recent improvements to iland Secure Cloud Backup using Veeam Cloud Connect have already been presented throughout all 10 data centers of iland. New clients could avail a complimentary 30-day trial which comes with 5TBs of information.