KLAS Recognizes TigerConnect as a Top-Rated Innovative Clinical Communications Systems

KLAS acknowledged TigerConnect as the most broadly employed care team collaboration solution, and ranked it among the top-rated systems in its 2020 KLAS Clinical Communications Advanced User Insights report.

KLAS is a company that specializes in medical care IT data and insights. It conducts an unbiased analysis of software programs and services that healthcare organizations use as well as payers across the world. The business gathers responses from healthcare professionals that are using software solutions and services, examining insights and determining trends. Healthcare providers all over the world are using the KLAS report to make decisions with regard to healthcare care apps and services.

The data contained in the Clinical Communications 2020 Advanced User Insights report consist of the data compiled by KLAS from a number of case studies and in-depth interviews with 3 to 5 top users of systems at companies at the leading edge of the clinical network to establish how these options have improved performance, security, and patient satisfaction. The report shows the outcome that was achieved, the lessons actualized by sophisticated end-users, and the selection of workflows that every communication system deals with.

TigerConnect was recognized as having a very large client base that includes individuals from inpatient and non-inpatient care environments. KLAS learned that TigerConnect is very customer-focused, with active development for advanced users comprising a variety of care settings. The platform had the most extensive array of workflows for advanced users among all systems assessed for the report. It was the only clinical communications platform that had in excess of 50% usage of its cutting edge workflows among the ten varied types examined.

In addition, TigerConnect was rated as the top vendor for patient-centered care team communication platforms, pre-admission workflows, discharge & post-discharge process, and clinical support personnel workflows. TigerConnect was recognized as having excellent capabilities such as enabling communication to keep going despite EHR outages, allowing care directors to coordinate care with referred health care providers, and linking messages to patient files and incorporating all pertinent information for patient care.

The KLAS report demonstrates TigerConnect’s best asset, which is the functionality to help healthcare organizations all through the entire cycle of patient care to significantly be connected and better results, claims CEO of TigerConnect, Brad Brooks. More than 6,000 healthcare organizations count on TigerConnect to enable smooth movement in a scalable, utterly integrated, simple-to-use solution. With plenty of concerns in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 crisis, the prospect for advancement that elevates care and strengthens the bottom line is now.