PHI of Patients Exposed at Satellite Healthcare, Rundle Eye Care and DCH Health System Data Breaches

Satellite Healthcare Breach Impacted 95,000 Individuals

Satellite Healthcare based in San Jose, CA has just reported a breach of the PHI of 95,128 patients to the Texas Attorney General. 22 Texas locals were affected. There are a few facts available concerning the breach at this point because the incident is not yet published on the website of the California attorney general and there’s no note on the healthcare provider’s webpage.

The breach impacted protected health information including names, medical data, health insurance details, and financial details. Notifications were released to affected patients by mail. Satellite Healthcare was contacted for additional data regarding the breach, nevertheless, no instant response was obtained.

Patient Information Exposed in Hacking Incident at Rundle Eye Care

Drs. Keith and Herman Rundle lately reported that unauthorized individuals accessed and potentially stole the protected health information (PHI) of some Rundle Eye Care patients. Based on the breach notification letters, the breach happened “lately” and affected patient names, dates of birth, and treatment data.

Although data theft could have happened, there are no hints of misuse of patient information. As a safety measure against the improper use of patient information, impacted patients have been provided free single-bureau credit monitoring services for A year. Safety precautions were undertaken to reinforce system security.

Although there was no mention of ransomware in the breach notice, the Everest Ransomware Group claimed accountability for the attack and states 30 GB of information was taken, which include tax records, clinical records, and prescription forms.

DCH Health System Detects Insider Data Breach

DCH Health System based in Tuscaloosa, AL lately reported that an ex-employee got access to the medical files of patients with no permission. DCH Health discovered the unauthorized medical record access on December 9, 2022, at the time of a regular privacy review. The review showed that the employee had seen the health records of a patient on December 5, 2022, even without a valid work reason to do so. In the following investigation, DCH Health learned this wasn’t the first occasion that the employee accessed the medical records since the privacy violations were happening starting September 2021. At that time, the information of around 2,530 patients was impermissibly viewed. The types of data compromised included names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, diagnoses, dates of consultation, vital signs, prescription drugs, test findings, and clinical/provider notes.

DCH Health stated the employee was promptly suspended when the initial unauthorized access was found and was consequently laid off due to privacy violations. Free identity theft protection services were provided to impacted patients, though DCH Health stated there are no hints that any patient data was or will be misused. DCH Health stated workers will continue to be provided HIPAA and privacy training on suitable access, and the occurrence will be employed to enhance privacy tracking tools and procedures.