Radiation Treatments Interrupted Because of Software Vendor Cyberattack

Elekta, the Swedish oncology and radiology system provider, is recouping from a cyberattack that pushed it to take down its first-gen web-based storage system on April 20, 2021. Although the company has affirmed the security breach it has encountered, there is no information about the actual nature of the cyberattack yet. It is uncertain what kind of malware was used, however, it is assumed to be ransomware. The web-based storage system was taken off the internet to control the problem.

Elekta stated just a part of customers in the USA that utilizes its software program were impacted and are having a service outage because the web-based system is down. Elekta is working on moving those clients to its brand new Microsoft Azure cloud and the firm is working 24 / 7 to finish that process. All impacted clients received notification; but, a small amount of information regarding the incident was announced to the public in order not to compromise the company and police investigations, however, Elekta accounts that the problem has already been completely resolved.

Yale New Haven Health based in Connecticut is a U.S. healthcare company that is impacted by the cyberattack on Elekta. Yale New Haven Health had to take its radiation devices off the internet until the problems are settled. The software program is utilized on linear accelerators for radiation therapies. Systems were offline for over one week and a number of cancer patients were referred to other healthcare companies to go on with their therapies.

Other healthcare companies identified to have been impacted were Lifespan Corp and Southcoast Health in Massachusetts. Lifespan, which supervises
Rhode Island Hospital and the Lifespan Cancer Institute, has affirmed that just one afternoon of consultation services was missed in its radiation oncology centers, and they were easily rebooked the following day. There were no more postponed or delayed treatments.

Elekta released an announcement stating that there is no evidence found that indicates the extraction or copying of any data. Elekta stated about 170 U.S. customers that utilize its first-gen web system have had service interruptions to at least one of their products.