U.S. Government Introduces New One-Stop Ransomware Site

The Department of Justice and the DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have reported the introduction of a new online resource that will work as a one-stop-shop giving facts to assist the public and private sector establishments cope with the escalating ransomware threat.

The new learning resource – StopRansomware.gov – is an interagency resource that offers instruction on ransomware security, identification, and response in just one place.

The new resource gives general facts concerning ransomware, such as what ransomware is and how cybercriminals use it to extort cash from public and private sector companies. Detailed data is given on how companies could enhance their security position and protect against attacks, which include ransomware best practices, bad practices to steer clear of, cyber hygiene ideas, FAQs, and training tools.

The site has a newsroom with the most recent ransomware-associated advice, together with notifications from CISA, the Department of Treasury, the FBI, and other government agencies regarding the ever-changing strategies, techniques, and methods that cybercriminals use in their attacks.

Ransomware attack victims can file a report of the attacks via the website to either CISA, the FBI, or the United States Secret Service, with the attack report automatically transmitted to all relevant agencies to make sure that the breach is explored, threat details is shared, and steps are undertaken to determine the perpetrators and have them taken to court.

Companies are being prompted to make use of the new resource to know the danger of ransomware, minimize risk and, in case of an attack, know what actions to undertake to control the harm brought about and make sure the quickest possible recovery.

Cybercriminals have launched attacks on critical infrastructure, small companies, hospitals, police authorities, educational institutions, and more. These attacks specifically affect Americans’ everyday life and the safety of our country. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas urges every entity all over the country to utilize this new resource to discover how to secure themselves from ransomware and cut down their cybersecurity risk.